Workflow FAQ

Working with clients always starts with a free consultation call, where we discuss your content and design wishes, your target users and the goal of your new, or redesigned, website.
I will follow up with a detailed proposal and the customized design package that I believe best fits your needs. The proposal includes the price, the proposed timeline and details on the next steps. 
If you decide to work with me, we will digitally sign a contract, and after receiving the first payment, I will get to work.
I am looking forward to working with you to find the right design for your content! 


What happens on the initial 20-minute consultation call?

The consultation call is your discovery phase, a workshop to define and clarify your vision and get a better idea how to approach your website project and translate your ideas into actions. In doing this, we can clarify the scope of the project and the costs. This is especially helpful if you’re not sure how to start or how to best present the value you offer to your site visitors and how to lead them to a clear call-to-action. A big part of the discovery phase is brainstorming how to leverage your unique content to achieve results.

But before we can do that, I’ll ask you to fill out my Content + Design Consultation Call Checklist to help us pinpoint your goals and evaluate your needs. Every project should start with initial answers to what you want your site to achieve, what content you have or will need and who your target users are. On the call, we will go over your answers, discuss your color and design preferences, initial navigation strategies, visuals you have or would need and websites and designs that you like.

What is the typical workflow of a design project?

There is no one-size-fits-all project workflow, but this approach has worked for me in the past:

  • Client schedules a consultation call online
  • Content + Design  Consultation Call Checklist  filled out and submitted by the client
  • On the call, we discuss the client’s design and content goals to arrive at a clear objective. The client shares his/her expectations and provides a clear briefing of the targeted results of the new site/the redesign.
  • Client receives a project proposal with timeline, scope of work and pricing within a week of the call
  • Contract is signed
  • First payment due
  • Researching similar industries or the competition
  • Gathering and evaluation of existing content: content strategy, site hierarchy, content updates and creation, image research and creation
  • Color scheme, mood boards
  • Live mock-ups (prototype) of 1-2 pages (homepage and one landing page) with actual content provided by the client. The client can navigate these pages online using a login and password provided.
  • 1st revision (by email or call), which culminates with a written approval by the client to move forward
  • Second payment is due
  • design phase of all pages
  • content uploads
  • 2nd revision (by email or call) and written approval by the client to finalize the design. Major revisions after this point will be charged separately and will change the timeline of the project.
  • Quality control (links, navigation, content).
  • 3rd (final) payment is due
  • Launch
  • Training (screen share or video)
  • Client receives a style guide and maintenance schedule
Do you prepare mock-ups to review?

I am a visual person and believe simple, static mock-ups on paper, like drawings or flow charts, can not show you how your site will look and feel like to navigate. I prefer to create a sample home page and landing page on a local development server. The pages can only be accessed with a username and password. Once logged in, you can browser the site as if it were live. This way you will get a much better feel about the design and content flow, and you can resize your screen to see how it looks on different devices. But if you prefer a static mock-up on paper, I can provide that too.

How many revisions are done?

Depending on the design package you chose you get up to 3 revisions included in the price. Once a revision  is approved and we move on, I will ask you to keep future major revisions to a minimum. A site navigation or layout is easily changed at the beginning of the project, but is much more time-consuming toward the end. If you change your mind on the design after you approved prior revisions, I need to charge additional fees. That’s why it is important to review every stage of the design carefully so as not to add major changes that are outside of the agreed-upon scope of the project later on.

How do you share content and images with your clients?

I like to share a Dropbox folder with my clients but work with Google Drive as well. You can upload all your content there, no matter the size, and can review and approve images, logos, videos and content that I have created for you.

When are the 3 payments for the design packages due?

First payment is due after we sign the contract; second midway, after the first revision; the last payment is due just before the site goes live.

How do you handle delivery deadlines?

We decide on the project scope and your preferred timeline before we sign the contract. If the deadline changes in a major way midway after work has started, additional charges may apply.

Are paid plugins, host and domain registration included in the package price?

I will purchase all plugins needed after discussing them with you and add the fees to the final invoice. If an annual subscription is needed (i.e. domain, host, backup service), I will purchase those in your name for a year and give you all the info needed so that you can renew on you own going forward.

Do you teach your clients how to update the site?

Yes, there are a few options: we can have a screen-sharing session to walk you through your site at the back-end and show you how to update it. Or I can create a brief video for you to show you all the steps needed. All my content + design services include the assurance that you will always have someone to help you when you get stuck. That is my promise to my clients: I will have your back.

What happens after the design in done? 

We part ways—and I would be happy if you allow me to add your testimonial and your project to my website!

I will share with you all logins, passwords, a list of plugins used and a maintenance schedule for backups, as well as a style guide with color-, font- and image-size specifications and other style conventions used in the design and the content throughout your site.

You will receive up to 6 months of free security, plugin and theme updates as well as up to 6 full monthly backups, depending on the design package you choose. After that, you can purchase my monthly or annual Peace-of-Mind Maintenance Retainer, and I will continue taking care of updates, security monitoring and back ups for you.

Or we can continue working together on an hourly-basis with my Content Packages to help you with creating, editing or uploading your content or with refreshing your social media feed(s).

I don’t like the design of some of your past clients’ websites. Should I still work with you?

Absolutely. A good designer builds websites to fit the clients’ needs and doesn’t persuade them to go with a design they don’t like. My clients’ websites don’t necessarily reflect my own design preferences: the site has to  function for the client, not the designer. That said, there are some best practices that I would always urge my clients to follow that have to do with functionality, content flow and accessibility, i.e. never underline text that is not a link and don’t chose colors that can be misinterpreted by color blind users or confuse your visitors. And always design your site around your content.

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