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White Papers, Calls-to-Action, Social Media Campaigns, Web Copy, Website Audits (content, functionality, user experience), Email Marketing, Newsletters, Brochures, Wikipedia Page Setup & Upkeep…

Do you need help with redefining your niche or your audience? Do you want to streamline your content strategy or evaluate (audit) your site for functionality and user experience? Do you need assistance in researching and editing your content? Do you need to create a digital content and design style guide for your site? Do you need to strategize your content flow and presentation on your site to get your message out? Do you want to optimize your call-to-action?

This service package is for you, the editorial team that needs a helping hand!

I am also available to translate/proofread material from German and Hebrew into English, as well as English into German.


What You Get

Content creation; research; editing; copy editing; content strategy; Search Engine Optimization (SEO); call-to-action (CTA) optimization; website audit and quality control

  • 1-hour call to discuss your brand, mission and your content needs
  • Evaluation of existing site: content, functionality and user experience
  • Implement the best content workflow for you and prioritize your content
  • Research new content as specified by you
  • Improve/update existing content
  • Editing or proofreading as specified by you
  • Content strategy to make your content and your call-to-action stand out
  • Design a digital content style guide for your site
  • SEO & Structured Data
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Content Input

CMS Input, Refreshing Content, Social Media Feed Upkeep…

Do you need regular help in uploading new content to your site? Do you have a small editorial team, or work alone, and need an extra hand in updating and refreshing content, images, videos or audio on your site? Do you need help in populating your social media feed(s)? Then this package is for you!


What You Get

Content updates; copy, images, graphics, audio & video uploads; CMS input (i.e. WordPress, Drupal); social media updates; review and quality control of published content

  • Content updates on your site, as specified by you
  • Flag outdated content
  • Social media updates as specified by you
  • Virtual editorial meetings if required
  • Input new content into your CMS (i.e. Drupal), WordPress site or as HTML
  • Images, graphics, audio & video uploads
  • Review and revise uploaded content at the front-end: quality control & assurance of the best content flow for the end user
  • Link validation
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Book Your Free 20-Minute Consultation Call

content strategy

Content Strategy

  • 1-hour Consultation Call
  • Website Audit (content, functionality, user experience)
  • Redefine your Niche and Audience
  • Create Best Content Workflow
  • Optimize a Call-to-Action
  • Research New Content
  • Update Existing Content
  • Editing & Proofreading
  • Content Strategy & Call-to-Action
  • Content Style Guide
  • SEO & Structured Data
Content Strategy

Content Updates

  • Regular Content Updates
  • Flag Outdated Content
  • Social Media Feed Updates
  • Virtual Editorial Meetings
  • Content Input into CMS or as HTML
  • Images, Graphics, Audio & Video Updates
  • Review Existing Content
  • Link Validation & Quality Control
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