Site Audits: Nonprofit & Professional Websites

Screenshot of a nonprofit website
The Nonprofit Website
Screenshot of a static red HTML-based website
The Professional Website

The Nonprofit Website

This client considered a redesign of its nonprofit website. The organization was struggling to reach donors and address a broader, global audience to increase its impact. To keep my client’s privacy, I don’t provide a link to the site.

The proposed solutions work for other nonprofit websites as well. They are applicable to most organizations that seek to increase their donations and grow their outreach.

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The Professional Website

This client had a static, HTML-based website that relied on Flash software on its homepage to display all its content and navigation as fade-in text. None of that loaded in various browsers that were phasing out flash or for site visitors who had disabled flash. To keep my client’s privacy, I don’t provide a link to the new site.

The goal of the new site was an updated, refreshed look while keeping the bright red color scheme. 

Click on the bottom image to read the audit report.

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