Editing & Curating Complex Copy

editing sample
Sample 1: Light editing and proofreading
Sample 2: Heavy line editing


Part of my role as a content designer is extensive editing of articles submitted by my clients. Editing can be as simple as proofreading for spelling errors and extend to heavier copyediting or even deep-dive line editing that includes fine-tuning the tone and style of the writer while keeping his/her voice.


Click on sample 1 for an edited and unedited version of an article that required simple copyediting/proofreading.


Click on sample 2 to see an example of heavy line editing. A German writer wrote this blog post in English, which required extensive editing to adapt it to native English speakers.

Curated and Rewritten: Asthma & Chirporactic Care
Source: Medical Research on Asthma & Chiropractic Care
Curated and Rewritten: Crying Babies & Chirporactic Care
Source: Medical Research on Babies & Chiropractic Care


Some of my clients write long articles or research papers on highly complex and specific topics that need to be curated and adapted to a larger audience. This requires working through extensive source materials, usually tech- or medical-related, and extensive research. I rewrite the material concisely and clearly to reach a wider audience that might not know the topic.

Here are two examples. First is a curated medical article about asthma and chiropractic care; underneath is a link to the source material, a medical research study.

The second is another curated medical article about crying babies and chiropractic care; beneath that is a link to the source material, a medical research paper.


Click on each image to view the curated texts and their source materials.

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