Bloomingdale Management Advisors

Bloomingdale Management Advisors


This client had no prior website and was reluctant to incorporate any online “bells and whistles” or the use of photos, videos, audio or slideshows. The client was not interested in adding a blog to his new site and supplied all the images.


The client wanted an HTML-based website with a print-media feel that would feature a rigid, grid layout, using only the header images as visual design elements.


Since the client was targeting mission-driven environmental nonprofits, I designed the site with his call-to-action in mind and added only a few nature-related photos to give the design a warm, earthy feel in the bluish-green color scheme he had picked. Since the client preferred a grid-based static and clean design, I incorporated very few visual elements as well as a lot of white space. In addition, I used typography, font hierarchy as well as text indents and text alignments as the site’s main design elements.


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