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Articles in English

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New York Stories:
Freedom of Speech

New York Stories:
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In Memoriam Hildegard Knef

2000... And the Emperor Still Has No Clothes



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Clients include:

New York Women in Communications; United Internet 1&1; mail.com; The Metropolitan Museum of Art; World Press Review; Chiropractic Leadership Alliance; Bloomingdale Management Consultants; Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen; BIA Business Intelligence Associates; trustwomen.org; Aufbau Newspaper; The New York Times; Women's Media Center; The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation.


“Tekla was an amazing team member in a fast moving campaign. Her work was thorough and well written. She added a new dimension to the group and fit well into the rapidly changing demands of the project. She is highly recommended as an asset to anyone lucky enough to work with her.”

“Tekla showed her creativity, reliability, flexibility, judgment, and all-around superior website skills when we worked together. [It] required Tekla to function independently but as part of a far-flung team working on a rush project to build and support a content-rich advocacy website. Her professionalism is impeccable. I highly recommend her for any similar project.”

“At a time touted as an "either-or" situation — new media versus old — Tekla has launched a business that very wisely marries the two. I met Tekla about two years ago through New York Women in Communications and have been impressed by her vision, dedication, talent and willingness to seek out a solution to every situation."

Tekla’s skills and talents are vast, as well as precisely specialized and interconnected; however, what impresses me most about her is her deep desire to problem solve for the greater good of society, media and communications. Meetings are always better with Tekla in them because she’s someone we can always trust to not just get the job done, but to do it the right way because she truly wants things to be the best they can be. I love having Tekla on our team and would recommend her for any organization looking for someone who’s essentially drama-free with immense skill and mindful dedication.”

“Tekla is a committed individual, extremely knowledgeable and highly creative. She brings a wealth of knowledge to anyone's organization.”

“Tekla is extremely intelligent, resourceful and hardworking. Oh, and did I mention she speaks 5 languages? She's also dedicated and pays strict attention to detail."

“Tekla is an excellent reporter. She has interviewed prominent women such as Helen Thomas and Arianna Huffington, developing provocative questions to ask and framing the answers into interesting and readable articles. She is highly intelligent, very well informed, and a pleasure to work with. Her articles are always on time and meet the editors' requirements for length, style, etc. I can recommend her highly.”

“Tekla can do it all: She can write well, edit perfectly, and understands how the content works in the context of the web. Because she's knowledgeable about the workings of Web sites, her content is right on the mark. And she's a pleasure to work with, because she's so smart and a really nice person.”

“Tekla consulted me on my company's Web site. We're an international company, targeting Fortune500 companies. She provided me with quick and accurate feedback that helped me fine-tune our message. She's quick to understand how to best convey a message in a succinct, easy to follow way. Tekla understands the target audience and is able to tailor the writing to best convey the essence of the story.”

"Tekla has the ability to know what the right story is for the moment. Her coverage of the Middle East was always a step ahead of the rest. Her editing abilities enabled her to transform very complicated issues into articles that resonated with young and old, from around the world."

"I have a deep and abiding admiration for her as a person and professional. She is a thorough researcher and a clear and elegant writer. She is practical — she can install a telephone line or trouble-shoot HTML code — but she is also passionate and principled. In a team, she asks the tough questions that need to be answered, but she pulls together to get the job done.”

Home Page > Testimonials